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The basics:
4602 Seminole Drive, 92115 (phone: 619 582 7583 - ask for Colin)

At the northwest corner of the intersection of Seminole Dr. and Acorn St. Come to Acorn St gate by the garage, not the front door!
Directions by:
Public Transit
There is a great walk from the trolley station through Baja canyon (it is down Campanile and then a left on Baja, and a right into the canyon). The walk from campus to 4602 Seminole takes about 30 minutes that way. The walk from campus along Rockford Dr. is only about 20 minutes.

Cycle from University Heights (Adams Ave and Park Blvd)

I recommend taking Adams, and then, if you want, after crossing the 805 you can cut south to Meade. Also, if you want, I'm pretty sure there's a pedestrian overpass across the 805, if you get on Madison (it is somewhere in there!)

You can also just stay on adams until you get across the 15, and then take a right no further east than 42nd st.

Go south to Meade,
Cross fairmount,
Left on 44th,
Right on Monroe,
(this is labeled Talmadge. . . another person is planning to bike from there!)
Once you go down the odd 1-way hill toward aldine, you can stay on Monroe, but I prefer a little less traffic either in the alley or on Madison street to the north.

Continue to Collwood.
Then at 54th, you'll probably want to get on the sidewalk and act like a pedestrian to cross collwood and get on 54th.

Go down the hill, then up, and get on adams again.

Take adams, turn right on El cerrito just before adams dead-ends,

Left on madison
Right on 59th (if you want a light to cross el cajon), or on esther if you don't --that is me usually--,

*Note that there is some very cool graffitti behind the old hot monkey love cafe adjacent to the African Alliance place off of esther*

Go left on el cajon. Cross college, turn right on the sidewalk. Bike through the vons shopping center past all the storefronts.

In the corner by the thai restaurant, cut through.

go towards the fire station.

acorn st. is to the right of it.

Get on acorn and take it to where it dead-ends on seminole.

To the north is 4602 Seminole. Come to the gate at acorn st (Not the Seminole st entrance).

(that route makes for the most pleasant biking in my mind--and has evolved over many trips back and forth. In fig season, the last part of the route on Adams goes by some enormously productive calimyrna and black mission fig trees. There is plenty of citrus near the last part of the route too.)


By Car, coming from west of SDSU, you will probably get on the 8 going east and take the College Avenue exit going south (toward SDSU).

Pass SDSU, cross Montezuma, continue to the next major intersection (less than 0.5 mile) with El Cajon Blvd.

Cross El Cajon, and take the first left at the light onto Acorn.
Acorn continues straight past the firestation--don't curve to the left.

Acorn comes to a T at Seminole--the house is on the left.
Come in the Acorn St. gate next to the garage.

This is about two blocks southeast of the intersection of College Ave
and El Cajon Blvd, and east of the back of the Campus Plaza shopping
center (Vons/Woodstock Pizza/Starbucks) and the firestation.

Google Maps links and pictures



The green arrow in bottom center points to the house. Come to the gate on Acorn street, not the front door. Acorn is the short E-W street. Seminole runs N-S and bends around clay park. Vons is the big box in the lower left.

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