martes, 27 de marzo de 2007

The garden on Wednesday, 3/21, photos by Mike Thayer

From The Garden at...
The lawnchairs were scavenged. The garden is partly mulched with coffeegrounds and filterpaper from the nearby starbucks. Actually, thanks to donations and scavenging, (and resources already available at my grandma's house) the garden has cost no cash so far.

The makeshift fence at the north end is to keep the cat from using the garden as a litterbox.

Where the stakes are are volunteer tomato plants.

You're looking at a fava bean plant surrounded by carrots. The rest is mizuna and red leaf lettuce and mustard greens. And Lambs' Quarters (Chenopodium album).

Potatoes and under the plastic in the back is corn. The plastic tops keep the cat from eating the corn, but also acts as a greenhouse.

We're babysitting some bees that Mike's family got out of the bottom of their shed with the help of Paul Maschka. They need to be in a new place five miles away for two weeks so they won't go back to their old home.

The bed on the north side. (Will soon be prepared and planted).

The streets around the house and garden (looking east).

Looking north.

Rainwater collection.

The worm bin. The bottom is cut out, and I leave the lid ajar, otherwise it gets too wet.