domingo, 4 de noviembre de 2007

rats, sweet potatoes, sunchokes, a shed, dreams

The photos for the past month are up.

For more about what is going on in this time visit
j9k blog.

I may be more active in the garden in the coming month. My food bill has been maybe $50 for the past month (and that was for rice, legumes, seaweed) that I haven't finished yet.

Mostly I've been eating squash, eggplant, basil, beets, beet greens recently. Usually added to my pot of rice and lentils or pinto beans.

The christmas limas are getting prolific enough that I can use those for my legumes.

And there are tons of sweet potatoes.

I really would like more chard! I need to plant some.

So, the rat(s) are a new garden visitor/inhabitant, and eater of the garden as well. They like to walk along the bamboo scaffolding. I see (one, maybe there are two) at night. I've been sleeping out back too. And was cooking out there for a while.

[do rats eat the slugs and other things? snails? There may be no reason to be worried about them, unless they multiply.]

Well, I hope to be giving it more thought soon. But for being neglected, it has been wonderful, and continues to surprise me with how much food it makes.

Garden 2007-11-03

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