jueves, 8 de mayo de 2008

New photos up.


The main story is I'm preparing to move on out. . . and I've been neglecting to water or do anything to the garden.

However, earlier I managed to do some substantial projects. . . There's more bamboo up. I meant to trellis and grow squash on all the beds.

Two of the main beds are now sunk down and the paths around them raised as a water-harvesting technique.

And as a way to use simpler watering methods---just flood the lowered bed.

Haven't really tested it out much though. Still some non-weeds are managing to grow.

Also I have my own camera now. . . a Logitech Pocket Digital 130. . . point and shoot. No LCD that displays the photos. 1.1 mp. $21 (includes shipping & tax).

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